Welcome to Strategic Athlete Counseling:

An Evidence-Based Approach to Better Living through Thoughtful Human Movement

At Strategic Athlete we provide personalized exercise & lifestyle counseling for optimization of metabolic status and athletic performance, along with client accountability tracking. We leverage evidence-based scientific research, principles of athletic training, & personal experience to collaborate with clients on developing strategy & structure around achieving personal goals. With a background in advanced exercise physiology, sport science research, metabolism dysregulation, sports nutrition, exercise with osteoarthritis, & compassion for our fellow humans, we deliver an empathy-driven approach to the advancement of quality of life.

Movement is foundational to the optimization of human health and wellness. In this modern industrialized age however, there can be countless intrusions to achieving a balanced lifestyle. Not everyone is able or motivated to exercise indoors at gyms, and at Strategic Athlete we take the philosophy that outdoor movement offers unparalleled health benefits over a traditional gym setting. Whether it is simply keeping a client accountable to walking for an hour several times a week, or diving into the fold with an elite endurance athlete to optimize VO2max and Lactate Threshold values, we believe that in order to sustain an active lifestyle one needs to build a positive emotional relationship with their human body. Exercise is far more nuanced and powerful than simply “hitting the gym”, it’s about building a movement paradigm where sedentary living begins to feel unnatural.

Finally, we believe that combining a human movement strategy with basic educational content in exercise and sport science, as well as metabolism science leads to a more integrated and holistic understanding of why the human body needs to move. If knowledge becomes integrated to long-term memory, we’re more likely to continue to use that knowledge in the future.

Areas of Interest:

- Spontaneous physical activity as a brain-derived biological signal.

- Exercise metabolism & gas exchange analysis.

- Strength & condition of elder adults (>65 y/o).

- Overtraining & Overreaching Syndromes.

- Endocrinology of Exercise.

- Sarcopenia & osteoporosis exercise intervention.

- Cardiac rehabilitation following myocardial infarction.

Additional areas of expert guidance:

Private coaching in Mtn Biking, Pump Track & Dirt Jump skills training, backcountry splitboarding, biomechanical analysis of snowboarding performance, rock & ice climbing, and fitness requirements of alpine mountaineering.

Our services are offered outside of the traditional gym setting where client goals steer everything that we work on. Appointments consist of 60- or 90-minute sessions where the client’s rest status and motivation lead the charge. We also offer tutorials on principles of exercise physiology and metabolism.